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Environmental Markets

Depending on the waste resource, our low carbon waste-to-energy projects can generate various environmental credits: Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits; Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs); compliance or voluntary carbon offset credits and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). When optimized as part of project operations, environmental credits can add significant revenue streams and value to a project. Camco has a proven track record and the infrastructure to assist its partners and clients to understand and underwrite their value, generate these attributes and sell them to end buyers.





As a leading producer of compliance offset credits, we have qualified over three million offsets in the United States' market.

We participate in markets for environmental credits from the production and dispensation of renewable transportation fuels.

Renewable Fuel Credits

We understand the renewable fuel programs and have the project experience to assist them with navigating both RFS2 and CA LCFS programs. During project development, we analyze how low-carbon attributes embedded in cleaner transportation fuel can impact a projects' fuel pathway and eligibility and forecast future credit volumes. We work with projects to manage the credit generation process and reporting once they are operating and have commercial relationships with end buyers who need credits to meet state and/or federal requirements.

EM - RFCredits
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