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Sector: Biogas

In 2019, Camco converted a 4.5 MW renewable electricity facility in Idaho into a renewable natural gas (RNG) production facility for our biogas energy partner, Vitol Green Gas. The plant produces over 700 MMBTU of RNG daily, injecting it into a utility natural gas pipeline.


Originally constructed by Camco as a biogas power plant, the facility employs anaerobic digestion technology to convert dairy waste from over 15,000 cows into biogas that formerly fueled three engine-generator sets.


How does it work? Boilers have replaced the heat recovery systems that formerly captured waste heat
from the engines to supply process heat for the four anaerobic digesters' cells. Effluent from the digester is further processed into sterile, organic fiber that is recycled back to the dairy for animal bedding. The wastewater produced by the facility is recycled
to supply the dairy with nutrient containing liquid for
its agricultural operations.


The RNG conversion entailed construction of several biogas cleaning and dehydration process units and a two-stage membrane separation unit to remove carbon dioxide from the biogas prior to final compression. The plant is extremely efficient, recovering over 95% of the methane contained in the raw biogas.



It solves many problems faced by dairy farms and other concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO). It eliminates the need to compost manure, purchase animal bedding and extends maintenance intervals on the dairy’s huge wastewater lagoons by reducing sludge build-up. It also reduces fugitive methane and volatile organic carbon (VOC) emissions to the atmosphere from the dairy’s wastewater lagoon system. Biogas plants like this convert waste from a problem into an asset.

             700 dTh/day                                                                     75,000 tCO2e p.a.

         Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) injected into the pipeline                                               Greenhouse gas reductions      


38,200 tons p.a.

                      Recycled organic fiber production                         

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