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At Camco, we develop renewable energy projects and manage assets for facilities that produce
environmental credits and renewable energy.

We develop and manage projects that produce renewable natural gas, renewable electricity and a variety of
emission reduction credits under various state and federal programs. Our development projects are principally
based on converting agricultural, food processing and municipal waste streams into energy.

Camco’s focus is strategic - we use our expertise to develop, build and operate
renewable energy projects. After start-up, we manage operations and commercialize
the gas, electricity, RECs, carbon offsets, RINs and LCFS credits produced.

Our experience and knowledge reduces the risks of development and helps ensure the project comes to fruition.
Our skill brings a higher degree of credibility to each emissions reduction project we develop.
From regulatory frameworks, technology integration and technical analysis to developing cornerstone
commercial agreements, monitoring and sales, Camco's hands-on team delivers reliable and predictable results.

We have a successful track record earned over many years of hard work delivering projects, renewable energy
and environmental credits to some of the largest and most successful companies in the United States. We work
alongside our investors to deliver expertise and exceptional operational capacity from origination through sale.

Camco Services: